ACH Origination

ACH Collection - Auto Pay

Converting your customers from the traditional paper check payment system to Auto Pay can benefit both you and them. VantageSouth Bank can help you make the transition easy.


Some of the advantages of Auto Pay include:

  • Prompt payment of invoices – No more late payments and fewer bounced checks.
  • Ease in deposit preparation and statement reconciliation – All payments made electronically on the date you or your client choose.
  • Savings on statement fees – Eliminates the cost of stamps and envelopes.

We provide:

  • Customized statement inserts to show your existing customers how they can benefit from Auto Pay. The inserts include forms that customers can complete and send back to initiate the Auto Pay system.
  • New customer authorization forms
  • Training for your sales staff to assist them in selling Auto Pay
  • First draft assistance - We will sit with your staff and assist them with inputting information and preparing your first Auto Pays.

ACH Disbursement - Payments or Direct Deposit of Payroll

By originating ACH transactions through our Online Cash Manager service, you can streamline the task of disbursing funds to pay your employees, your vendors or your taxes. The time it takes to write and reconcile checks can be significantly reduced with this electronic payment method, which also gives you complete control over the timing of your disbursements.



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