Personal Schedule of Fees

Effective 08.01.14

Revised 8/2014
Foreign ATM Fee - Our Fee for Using Non-VantageSouth ATMs  $0.00
Third Party Fees: When you use a non-VantageSouth ATM, you may also be charged a fee by the ATM operator or any network used and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a funds transfer  Varies
ATM Debit Card Replacement  $9.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement Expedited Service  $75.00
Debit Card Foreign Transaction Fee – An International Service Assessment (ISA) fee will be applied to each international debit card transaction by the processing overseas bank (if applicable)  Varies
Overdraft Item Fee (each item) $36.00 
NSF: Returned Item Fee (each item) $36.00 
  • When we determine that you do not have enough available funds in your account to cover an item, then we either authorize and pay the item and overdraw your account (an overdraft item), or we decline or return the item unpaid (an NSF: returned item).  Some common examples of items are a check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
  • We do not charge you an Overdraft Item fee on an ATM transaction or debit card transaction unless you "opt-in" to this overdraft service and authorize us to do so.
  • We do charge you an Overdraft Item fee each time we authorize and pay any other type of overdraft transaction.  These other types of transactions include checks and other transactions made using your checking account number, recurring debit card transactions, Online and automatic bill payments and ACH transactions.
  • We do not charge you an NSF: Returned Item fee when we decline an ATM transaction or debit card transaction.
  • We do charge you an NSF: Returned Item fee each time we decline or return any other type of transaction unpaid.
  • We will charge no more than five (5) overdrafts fees per day, for a maximum total of $180.00.
  • For more information about our Overdraft Protection plans and overdraft practices, please refer to our "What You Need to Know about Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees" notice and "Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Disclosure."
 Extended Overdrawn Balance Fee $5.00 
  • The Extended Overdrawn Balance Fee applies when we determine that your account has been overdrawn for 1 consecutive business day. You can avoid this fee by depositing enough available funds in your account to cover your overdraft plus any fees we assessed.
  • For each time that your account is overdrawn 1 consecutive business day, we charge one Extended Overdrawn Balance Fee.  The Extended Overdrawn Balance Fee is in addition to applicable Overdraft Item Fees and NSF: Returned Item Fees.

Withdrawals/transfers for checking accounts that do not have regulatory* withdrawal limitations.

*Federal regulations limit third party transactions (drafts or debit card) and preauthorized or automated transfers (including online banking or bill payment services, ACH, and overdraft protection transfers) to six per statement cyle on savings and money market accounts.  Continued transactions, over the regulatory limit, will result in the money market or savings account being closed or converted to a checking account.

No Fee 
Money Market Accounts > 6 withdrawals (for each) $10.00 
Savings or Junior Savings Accounts  > 3 withdrawals (for each) $10.00 
Account Closure (< 90 days of open) $30.00 
Official Checks (except Prestige Gold and Complete Checking)  $7.50
Charged Off Account $35.00
Foreign Collection:  
   Less than $200.00 (plus expenses)  $25.00
   More than $200.00 (plus expenses)  $25.00 + expenses
ACH Returned Item $5.50
Deposit Item Returned:  Chargeback (each)  $5.00
Deposit Item Returned:  Redeposited (each)  $2.50
Deposit Item Returned:  Customer Pick-up (each)  $7.00
Deposit/Loan Verifications (each) $11.00 
Deposit Correction Fee/ item  $6.50
Dormant Account (monthly) (checking accounts are considered dormant if there has been no owner-initiated contact for a period of one year) (savings accounts for a period of two years)  $5.50
Fax Service (send or receive)  
   First page  $2.50
   Additional pages (each) No Fee
IRA Transfer Fee  $25.00
Legal Processing Fee: garnishments, tax levies, attachments, restraining orders, execution, & other similar legal process administrative or judicial (each)  $125.00
Research and Statement Balancing/ hour (min. $10.00)  $20.00
Notary/Signature Guarantee (no fee for Prestige Gold and Complete Checking accounts) $6.00
Photocopies (per copy) 2.50
Research and Statement Balancing/hour $28.00
   Check Copy < 1 year old (each/per page)  $2.50
   Check Copy > 1 year old (each/per page)  $12.00
   Statement Print-out in Branch (since previous statement)  $5.50
   Statement Copy: < 1 year old (each/per page)  $5.50
   Statement Copy: > 1 year old (each/per page)  $12.00
Replacement Tax Form (1098, 1099) $6.00
Safe Deposit Box – box size/price (per year)  
    2 x 5 $35.00
    3 x 5 $40.00
    4 x 5 45.00 
    5 x 5 $50.00
    3 x 10 $60.00
    4 x 10 $65.00
    5 x 10 $80.00
   10 x 10 $120.00
   $15.00 credit toward Safe Deposit Box for Advantage Interest
   Checking customers

   $40.00 credit toward Safe Deposit Box for Prestige Gold &

   Complete Checking customers

   Billing Fee (if not on auto draft)  $10.00
   Late Payment Fee  $10.00
   Single Key Replacement  Cost
   Drilling and Replacement Fee  Cost
Stop Payment Request / branch call  $32.00
Stop Payment Request/ Online Banking  $20.00
Telephone Transfer - branch call (each)  No Fee
Wire Transfers:  
   Domestic Incoming (each)  $16.00
   Domestic Outgoing (in-branch/each)  $27.00
   International Incoming (each)  $16.00
   International Outgoing (each)  $55.00
Travel Card  $3.95
Travel Card Replacement  $10.00


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